Saturday, December 22, 2012

So many people will be having new goals for the new year, but I decide to plan to do 13 activities this year.  Just because it will be 2013.  

So here are my thirteen activities

1.  Visit Leavenworth Washington.   Not just to spend a hour or so but the whole day exploring the town

2.  Pedicure,   I have never had one.   I don't like my toes and so I have stayed away. This year I will get one done.

3.  Travel to Seattle Washington just to wander and take pictures a few time during the year.

4.  Ride the San Juan Ferry and visit Friday Harbor.

5.  Hike the Lime Kiln trail out of Granite Falls

6.  Visit the Big Four Ice Caves.   Again live here and never been.

7.  Hurricane Ridge.   What to go on a clear day.

8.  Ride the Seattle Great Wheel.   I would love to ride during the day as well as at night.

9.  Visit Butchart Gardens in Canada in the Spring and Winter..  My goal is to visit each season.

10.  Visit Mount St. Helens

11.  Go to Multnomah Falls

12.  See the Fremont Troll.

13.  Go up in a Hot air balloon.  I have the tickets just waiting for the day.