Thursday, March 24, 2011


I have not posted in awhile. So here are some rambling.

It has been a pretty good year. Then you have the days that just suck. I have had a few of those this year.

I have had a couple of friends who have lost loved ones. I have had some of our passengers die, I have a co worker battling cancer and is not expected to have much time.

This just reminds me that I need to live each day to the fullest and for God.

Today was a sunny, blue sky day. All was going well, and then I got in an accident.

I also have a problem that I don't know how to solve. Someone said something to me, completely innocent, but it hurt. I know that words should not have this effect but every once in awhile they do.

The weather has been so gorgeous and blue sky and sunshine are trying to come back. What do expect from the conversion zone. All sorts of weather that changes so quickly.

I have been praying alot for the victims of the Japan Quake and aftermath. Hearing the good news that friends of friends are safe and then how many are missing or dead. Having the aftershocks and radition problems. I know God has the greatest plan and we need to trust Him.

My favorite time is Sunday nights. A group of family and friends get together for the Amazing Race. This group is so special to me as well as the laughter that just goes on and on. What a way to start a week.

Well thats a taste of my time lately.


  1. Sad! I didn't know you were in an accident Peggy! Are you alright I hope?

    Love you!

  2. All are fine, just pissed at the whole thing. Love you too : )