Monday, January 31, 2011

So they say confession is good for the soul.

Confession noun, acknowledgement, admission, confession of incompetence

I am confession that I have been avoiding people, not because of anything they have done but what I have done. Avoiding people because I know some people can read me like a book and I did not want to have to explain my stupidity or even really acknowledge my stupidity. So if I was not around anyone they could not ask me whats up.

Here it is I totally screwed up my life for the past two weeks. Have you ever been in some trouble and not wanted to let anyone know or ask for help. I have done that. Other than work and church for the most part I have stayed at home.

I am embarrassed, frustrated, helpless and humiliated. So what have I done??

I totally messed up my finances and lived on very little for the last 2 weeks. I thought I had not paid 3 bills so what did I do paid twice. I have called myself so many different names and finally talked to God. I made sure I had tithed and then gas in the car, so I could go to work. I made sure the cats had food and litter. Did I make sure I was taken care of ? Of course not. That would mean I would have to tell someone I royally screwed up to a point I was so frustrated with myself.

Did things get better? No, not right away but payday came and I am watching the bills this month. Good thing is one is paid off and put into savings after tithing.

I realized that I did make sure that others had what they needed including the kittens before me having some things. If I do this again I know that I would make sure others have what they need before me. Self centered no. Just the way I am, it is what I know God wants from me. He will take care of me.

I am sorry if I have offended anyone. Totally not my intention. Please forgive me if I have.

Now to plan my month of February.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Northwest Water

As I have driven around Snohomish County this week God has put water on my mind. He has so many ways water is used in the county.

He gives us rain, which can come in many forms. Snow, sleet, hail, slush, mist, downpour.... you get the idea. From the falling rain we get puddles, Yes Becca to jump in. From the puddles, streams, creeks, sloughs, marshlands, wetlands, lakes, rivers, snow packs this all flow to Puget Sound. At times all flows gently and other we have flooding.

Sometimes we get gentle rain and other hard downpours. This is like listening to music.

Puget Sound can take on many personalities, calm, rough, wild, low, high and king tides.

Then started thinking on how many different thing float on the water.

Inter tubes, rafts, logs, canoes, row boats, power boats, sailboats, around here ferry boats, fishing boats, Naval Ships, container ships, jet skis, and many others too.

I just love to be on or near the water.

Thank you God for your Masterpiece in nature here in Snohomish County.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

weekend at Nancy's

My weekend at Nancy's.
With a 15 year old, 13 year old, (My nieces) a dog, and my 2 kitties is was an adventure.
Sarah was helpful with the kitties, who liked to explore and hide. It must have wore her out. She is curled up by Diego's kennel.
We lost the kitties twice. Once found upstairs and the second time took 30 minutes to find them asleep outside the bathroom door under a shelf/cabinet. Them Kyzer lost his collar. We looked every where. I even said I would pay 2 buck to whoever found it. Sarah found it upstairs under the dresser.

Diego, Their dog, loves to bark at me and jump until you say hi and pet him. He did not know what to do with the kitties that invaded his home.
So he spent time in his kennel just watching the kitties to see what trouble they could get into.
Overall he was good. He liked to chase the laser light and so did Katie and they would start chasing together than realize the other is chasing so the hissing and barking would start.

Spent time on the computer too. Catherine here is checking out the wardrobe from the golden globe award. Otherwise she was on facebook playing cityville. Not doing piano or home work.

Diego shared his dog food and water with the kitties, not by his choice. They took it over. What a sad look he gave when he realized that Kyzer was drinking his water.

Kzyer, my mellow kitty just wanted to stretch out and relax. He also wandered the counter to find the faucet and check on Nancy's plants.

Sarah, Monday morning not totally awake playing with the animals.
Katie found her mouse and carried it all over the counter and kitchen.

We also on Sunday were joined by my two great nephews. They had fun outside on the swings and we had all the animals out to play also. Kyzer and Katie got better about being on a leash.
Overall a good weekend.

Friday, January 14, 2011

ramblings for Friday

To have a day off and not have anything to do. Shop. Got the flannel for a blanket I am making for my friends. I am loving the fleece and flannel combo.

Come home, vacuum and dishes done. Then the unthinkable. Give the Kitties baths. They are coming with me to my sisters for the weekend. Kyzer does not like baths. Loves to play in the sink but bath no way! He stiffens up and screams like a girl. It is funny. Then the fight is on, can he get out of the sink and not get wet. No way! I won. He got shampooed and rinsed and towel loving dried.
On to Katie's bath. She just give a death look and takes all in.

Oh what entertainment they are. I have thoroughly been entertained and loved by these two.

So, they are going to Nancy's for the weekend with me. I get to have fun with two of the three nieces and on Sunday two nephews for awhile. This should be fun.

Have a good weekend.

Monday, January 10, 2011

january rambles

I came home tonight and found my cat in the bathroom sink. Kyzer and Katie are 23 weeks old. He is truly an investigator. He will study something and try to figure how it work.

He has sat on the tub watching me wash my hands and brush my teeth all to see how to turn the water on. He turned on the cold water and started playing in it.

He moved the rubber duck and started drinking.

He saw me with the camera and got his sister Katie to join him.
Notice the water drops on his face.

Katie now drinking the water. Whats next. Turning all the lights on?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lazy Day

Saturday has been a total lazy day.
Started by meeting Nancy at Joanns in Lynnwood to look at fleece for a blanket. She liked my choices now for the flannel to go on sale. I think it is going to be a good combo.

Drove back home and decided to fill the gas tank up, with the weathermen thinking that we might get snow this week I will be keeping the tank full for weight in the car. Also so shopping and on home.

Groceries away lunch cooking dishes done and sewing a small blanket so I understand how to do a larger blanket. The small the cats are loving.

Kinda watching the Seahawk game but snuggled with a little (big) kitty.

Cooking dinner. Had Shepard's pie recently and that sounded good so cooking it up.

Lazy days are nice.

Friday, January 7, 2011


To have an unexpected day off. The decisions to make. What to do, What to do? I decide to sleep in Yeah right. Kyzer likes to step on me, ok mainly the face at 3 am. He waited until 5 am this morning, and then laid on my face. To wake up breathing cat is not pleasant. That started an hour of play. Naptime until 730. Out to Smokey Point some shopping only to have to come back to Everett to pick up the fleece. Lunch and out to Granite Falls.

The afternoon at Ann's what a fun time with Conner, Chase and Carter. What 3 very active 7 ,3, and 6month olds can get into. I got to play cars, lego and bouncy. Now to end with snuggling with my Kyzer and Katie.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


As 2010 came to a close I have had 3 friends loose loved ones.

First a coworker lost her mother just before Christmas. A good service at church for her, Fred did good. I pray that his message has made life changing decisions in the family. They all were open to Fred and really listened to what he said.

2nd my other mother Paula lost her mother just a day after Christmas. This one has be hard for me. Grandma Pfaff was my other Grandmother. I have known Doug and Paula since I was 14 and Grandma Pfaff since I was 20. So as the years went by I have grown to love her as my grandma. I looked forward to time spent with her. She helped me tease my sister Nancy at gatherings. She loved the Lord so much you really could see God working thru her.

3rd Here on New Years day I get a text from my friend Ann, her grandmother died this morning. I got the privilege to meet her this past July. Ann invited me to travel back to Minnesota to visit Grams and her dad. Grams was loosing her sight and did not want to go out a see things with us but she encouraged us to go have Ann show me around. She was so excited to her me talk about where we had gone and listened to what we did.

I hope and pray for these families. I know that Grandma Pfaff loved the Lord but the others I hope God will use this time and me to show Gods love to them and maybe bring someone to Christs love and family.

As I pray for others I know that People are born to die. I hope others do not have to go through times like this any time soon.