Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Northwest Water

As I have driven around Snohomish County this week God has put water on my mind. He has so many ways water is used in the county.

He gives us rain, which can come in many forms. Snow, sleet, hail, slush, mist, downpour.... you get the idea. From the falling rain we get puddles, Yes Becca to jump in. From the puddles, streams, creeks, sloughs, marshlands, wetlands, lakes, rivers, snow packs this all flow to Puget Sound. At times all flows gently and other we have flooding.

Sometimes we get gentle rain and other hard downpours. This is like listening to music.

Puget Sound can take on many personalities, calm, rough, wild, low, high and king tides.

Then started thinking on how many different thing float on the water.

Inter tubes, rafts, logs, canoes, row boats, power boats, sailboats, around here ferry boats, fishing boats, Naval Ships, container ships, jet skis, and many others too.

I just love to be on or near the water.

Thank you God for your Masterpiece in nature here in Snohomish County.

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