Friday, January 14, 2011

ramblings for Friday

To have a day off and not have anything to do. Shop. Got the flannel for a blanket I am making for my friends. I am loving the fleece and flannel combo.

Come home, vacuum and dishes done. Then the unthinkable. Give the Kitties baths. They are coming with me to my sisters for the weekend. Kyzer does not like baths. Loves to play in the sink but bath no way! He stiffens up and screams like a girl. It is funny. Then the fight is on, can he get out of the sink and not get wet. No way! I won. He got shampooed and rinsed and towel loving dried.
On to Katie's bath. She just give a death look and takes all in.

Oh what entertainment they are. I have thoroughly been entertained and loved by these two.

So, they are going to Nancy's for the weekend with me. I get to have fun with two of the three nieces and on Sunday two nephews for awhile. This should be fun.

Have a good weekend.

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