Saturday, February 16, 2013

Feb 10   Worship
 Lord it is so great to spend time today in church worshiping you.   From the organ playing prelude to the sermon and hymns all for your glory.  

Feb 11  For a friend in need.
 Lord hear my prayers for a friend and her family as they wait for medical answers this week.   Hold them in your hand and show them the Love you have for them.   Help them trust you for all the answers.  

Feb 12  For the people I encounter everyday/

Lord in life today I ask that you use me to show Your Love to them.   You know who I will encounter today that needs you to touch them.   Help me serve you in this way to be there for them.

Feb 13   Midweek

Oh my Lord it is the middle of the week.   The dread of days ahead to weekend.  May I find your joy in my day today.   Forgive me for the unpleasant thoughts I have had this week.   Jealous and envy have been on my heart.   Lord I want your Joy to fill me and get the jealousy out.    I need to find your will in my life.   I want to serve you and be satisfied with what you have given me.

Feb 14    Valentines day

Lord I thank you for all my friends.  You have given me such wonderful friends who have the most wonderful examples of love for each other.   I know you have plans for me and I just need to wait for your will.    Again  Thank you for the wonderful examples in my life.

Feb 15   Friday

Thank you for Friday.   The day to prepare for the weekend.   The day that I am able to learn more from You.  Thank you Lord.

Feb 16   WIC

Thank you for the Women in the Church.    What a great group of women who want to serve You.     We enjoy getting together to help the church.   Today Lord we helped supply the kitchen.   Our kitchen is used in so many ministries.   Thank you for that.


  1. I love reading your prayers. It's like I get to pray with you!

    1. Thank you They may be short but from my heart. I love reading about your updates on the adoption.