Saturday, February 9, 2013

Feb 7     For patience.  

        Dear God I  need patience,   Patience with traffic, with people and with situation I can not control.    Help me relax in your Love and just take life as it comes and not hurry it out.

Feb 8  For the Northwest

Dear Lord      How magnificent is your nature in the Northwest.   How glorious are the colors of each season.   Your Hands have made all of this for me.   The blue sky, sunshine, clouds, the growth of the trees and plants.   You are awesome.

Feb 9

For a friend

Dear God   I pray for Rachael and Nate as they are trying to adopt a child.   You know their needs.  Both the money and support that is required from them.  They are both working so hard to help this child.   Their own children are also praying and helping to bring a child home.  Lord you can do anything.   Help them be strong and encourage them and be with them through this adventure.   Help them not have stress.   Leave them with peace and never let them waver from the goal you have for them.

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