Saturday, February 23, 2013

Feb 17    Oh Lord Our Lord how majestic is your Name.  It is in your name that I come today.   Healing and Your love for a coworker who is in pain,  Be with her and the Doctors and her family.    Give her piece and keep her not feeling antsy but to sit back and relax to heal.

Feb 18   God you are the maker of the universe.  Your Mountains and waters here in the Northwest show Your work so well.   Thank you for letting me grow up in this small piece of your universe.

Feb 19   God you are the one who gives and takes away.  There is time when we all loose a pet.  It is hard.   Be with a friend who had to say goodbye to her cat of 18 years.   Help her and the remaining cat adjust to life with a friend gone.   Let them be open to what you have in store for them.

Feb 20   Thank you for Wednesday.   Hmmm  the middle of my week.  Help me smile and be helpful to those I will encounter today.  Thank you for forgiving me for all my sins.

Feb 21  Changes Lord.   There are so many of my friends who are having changes in their lives.  You will be there for them, You will show them your love,  You will give them Your presence in their lives and decisions.  Be there and show them the way to your will Lord.

Feb 22   Thank you for two friends birthdays.   Thank you for two men who love you so much.  These men give so much to others in your love.   Bless them this year.

Feb 23  Thank you for health.  You give reminders to take it easy.  I really don't like to do nothing all day but to spend it with you Lord is good.   Thank you for feeling better.

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