Friday, April 15, 2011

The lessons learned.

I have learned a lesson today. I was used by God just to be at the right place and the right time for someone, a complete stranger, to look at me and say "Do you have a moment to listen?"

I had just pulled up to Providence Medical in Millcreek on the Bothell Everett highway to pick up a guest on my route this afternoon. She was going to be my last person and I did not see her yet. I had parked the bus so it block a silver car. Which turned out to be her daughters.

I could have come up with many reasons not to listen to her but I said I had a few moments. Actually I had until my passenger came out. I just smiled and said "Yes I do."

She started telling why she was there, To pick up papers from her daughter's Doctor. She explained that her daughter had an artificial leg and was dying. The lady continued to talk.

I learned that the car was the last gift from her dad to daughter. Mom lives in Texas and she came up as soon as she got the news that her daughter was not expected to live out the year.

Ten minutes of her just talking about what ever she wanted to my passenger came out to the bus.

The lady from Texas parting words to was "Thank you for taking the time to just listen to a silly old lady. God put you here for me."

I smiled and said " You are so welcomed. May you enjoy these times with your family"

As learned in my Bible study last night we need to play and listen to others in the Jazz music of life. To be in Harmony. I listened and learned so much in this little time.

So as you rush around and avoid people there might be someone who just needs as few minutes to borrow your ear. They don't expect responses but just want to be heard.

I may never see her again but they will be in my prayers.

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  1. Thank you for sharing that Peggy. What a blessing you were to that woman, and I can only imagine her heartache. Thats a great reminder for me to remember to make time for others in that way.