Monday, April 25, 2011

A week in review.

My week last week seemed so long. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday were just a blur. Thursday started to slow down. Friday, Easter weekend. Good Friday service I enjoyed. With Pastor Fred and Matt sharing the service it just had a good feel to it.

I love Easter songs almost as much as Thanksgiving songs. The older the better.

Saturday errand day. I started taking Katie to the vet for her shots.

Then I had to go to GHC and have lab work done. Still have a bruise from that today.

Some shopping for my secret sister.

Then off to my Great nephew Julien James Nashs 7th birthday party.

At Alfys at Silver Lake a room full of relatives and friends, Julien got lots of Legos and of course other toys too.

Pizza and cake and the worst sung happy birthday later I left for home.

Picked up Katie and off to work to visit.

Sunday. Easter, The Lord has risen. Hmm. I just love that Jesus died and rose for us. The service at church done and off to the Bismore house with Ellie in tow for the rest of the day.

Everyone brings food to share. Jeanne's shrimp pasta salad, Linda's potato salad, Buddy's Mac and cheese. Yummmm.

So now with stomachs full. The egg hunt set up and the hunt is almost ready to begin.

Separated child and adults, the line up has begun. As the kids search in the front yard the adults line up to race to the back yard for their eggs.

One of the hidden eggs.

The young and the adults all look for eggs.

The adults get vicious, hair pulling, shoving, hit with broom, pushed down all are done in the egg hunt. This why I just take pictures.

The found eggs that hide the candy

The candy from the eggs. And you just thought eggs had yolks!!

Not all eggs made it out in one piece. Stepped on egg

Flower from the garden. Tulips are so beautiful.

At the Hiseys after all day for Amazing Race I had my camera and Jeanne's cat Mattie posed fro a couple of pictures.

Mattie looking back at the room after looking outside for awhile.

Then Mattie asleep as the evening wore on.

So a long week ending so nicely with my family of friends. : )

Friday, April 15, 2011

The lessons learned.

I have learned a lesson today. I was used by God just to be at the right place and the right time for someone, a complete stranger, to look at me and say "Do you have a moment to listen?"

I had just pulled up to Providence Medical in Millcreek on the Bothell Everett highway to pick up a guest on my route this afternoon. She was going to be my last person and I did not see her yet. I had parked the bus so it block a silver car. Which turned out to be her daughters.

I could have come up with many reasons not to listen to her but I said I had a few moments. Actually I had until my passenger came out. I just smiled and said "Yes I do."

She started telling why she was there, To pick up papers from her daughter's Doctor. She explained that her daughter had an artificial leg and was dying. The lady continued to talk.

I learned that the car was the last gift from her dad to daughter. Mom lives in Texas and she came up as soon as she got the news that her daughter was not expected to live out the year.

Ten minutes of her just talking about what ever she wanted to my passenger came out to the bus.

The lady from Texas parting words to was "Thank you for taking the time to just listen to a silly old lady. God put you here for me."

I smiled and said " You are so welcomed. May you enjoy these times with your family"

As learned in my Bible study last night we need to play and listen to others in the Jazz music of life. To be in Harmony. I listened and learned so much in this little time.

So as you rush around and avoid people there might be someone who just needs as few minutes to borrow your ear. They don't expect responses but just want to be heard.

I may never see her again but they will be in my prayers.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Saturday at to Oregon Zoo

For Christmas I gave Ellie the gift of going somewhere with Hannah and me. I took her, Hannah and Esther to the Oregon Zoo Saturday.
Up at 6 to pick them up at 7, I arrived at the Hisey's and texted Hannah and Esther. I got call from Hannah she just woke up. I left to get Ellie and would come back. Esther texted and said she had not seen Hannah. I got Ellie and we went back to get them. Out the door they came and went back (forgot something) and came again. We were off.... to get gas and snacks.

Gassed up and snacks bought, Hannah got her make-up on. we were on the road south.

Of course I have to take pictures of plants and flowers too.
One rest stop later, we arrived at the Oregon Zoo. No parking found so we drove around Washington park and back to the parking lot and bingo a parking spot at the zoo.

Star fish and other sea animals throughout the zoo was nice.

Esther in the eagle exhibit.

So after walking around and seeing Lion, Tigers, and Bears. We watched a polar bear dance?? or at least walk to his own beat. Saw the bald eagles, insects, snakes, Hannah got to see the rhino, Esther the Hippo, Ellie the baboons. We headed over to the Lloyd center and walked some more.

Stopped for dinner at Red Robin, then home. Long fun day.

It was the best weekend after a very hard week.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Life continues on.

So here it is Thursday. You have a day off in the week and you suddenly get a little surprise. Friday tomorrow, I thought it was Wednesday all day. Gotta love some of the little surprises in life.

I have been so emotional these last couple of days. Katie my other cat really is confused. She is looking for Kyzer and meowing up a storm. The first night was hard for her. She did not leave my side all night. Last night was better but she kept coming and checking on me.

Tonight she was in the kitchen window and meowing at me as walked in and then greeted me at the door. We will survive.

Thank you all for the kind thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hard Decision day

This has been a day of hard decision. First I had to call in sick. This was because I did not sleep at all last night and was in no condition to drive. I did not sleep will because my kitty Kyzer was in pain. He went to the vet last Friday for appointment for bladder problems. He was diagnosed with a possible urinary infection. So special diet and antibiotics equipped and told if his bladder got any bigger to get him in. He spent the weekend seeming ok. He played with his sister, fought getting his medicine, stubbed his nose at the new food and cuddled so well. Monday night he started whining and acting lazy again. All night he whined and wanted to cuddle. At 5 I called the emergency vet and got him in. I also called work and said I would not be in. The Diamond Vet on Rucker was very nice to both Kyzer and me. The vet tried her hardest to get him to pee. He would or could not. They gave him Valium and he would pee a little. They wanted to try meds for 8 hours and see if he could go. They could not. So on to surgery. They were going to put a catheter in for 48 hours and drain it all. Got the call about noon. The bladder was 75% blocked and full of crystals and stones. I had to make the decision to do surgery or put him down. I got Kzyer at Petsmart in Lynnwood on November 13 2010 with his sister Katie. I went to petsmart just to look and Kyzer came up to me and stretched out on my leg, looked up with his yellow eyes that said pick me up. I fell in love with him. Katie meowed and batted her eyes. So both went home with me. So at 8 months May you Rest in Peace Kyzer Allen. You will be missed.
After many messages to friends and family (Thank you Nancy, Jeanne and Erika) I made the hard decision. Kyzer was going to be put down. I feel so bad but know it is the better choice. He would have trouble the rest of his life.