Friday, April 30, 2010

Weeks End

It has been a long week. I have been reminded again that actions do speak louder than words. How could I have tried to help someone and in the end they felt inadequate and a failure.
Why do we always seem to step on peoples toes. I am upset that I hurt a friend and don't know how to fix it.

My life seems to be falling apart and I just help it along.

Lord help me to be yours and help my friend as you see fit.


  1. Sometimes when a person is already feeling stressed it doesn't take much to push them over the this situation I was already struggling with feelings of inadequacy with regard to a few things and so I was sensitive to it. I know your intent was kind, good, and loving. I appreciate that so much. I love you my friend and I'm sorry that I hurt you. Please forgive me!?!