Saturday, May 1, 2010


I actually slept in until 5 today. Such a different 1 hour makes. Not much on the plans for today but it was a productive day. Went Monroe and got together with a friend and shopped at Ben Franklin's. Gotta love craft stores then onto Goodwill. Yep checked out the new one in Monroe. Bought a photo album.

My friend has asked me to take the pictures at her daughters wedding in June. I know I am not that good but willing to try. So any ideas will be welcome for different or unique shots. Please let me know of them.

Went to leave and the car went east instead of west.
Drove to Leavenworth. Was not the plan but God used the time to show His creation and guidance. The greens of the trees from yellow green to the dark emerald green was beautiful. The rushing water of the rivers, the snow that was packed on the side of the road and falling from the sky are all reminders from God this is His world and He alone made it we are just caretakers. He allows the time in the car for me to be a time to pray and seek guidance. Answers came quickly.

Got home and chatted with my friend and we are good. I knew we would be but mind games play never like real life. I have lost one friend this last month and did not want to have problems with my best friend. God helps us all. So much better now.

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