Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Day

As Mothers day gets closer I am writing to remember my mom. I only had her for 18 years. At times I have felt cheated that I did not have her physically in my life longer but God knows when to bring people home.

My mom had a great sense of humor. April fools day she lived to get my brother back. My sister and I were more than once asked to help her get him back. And to think it all started with him switching the salt with the sugar and our neighbor got a salty cup of coffee.

She also loved to have people just drop by and visit. The coffee pot was always on.

My mom loved flowers. Roses were her favorite. We had many rose bushes as well as other flowers. We had a huge snowball tree that was beautiful. Every year we would have snowball fights with the flowers. Lilacs were another favorite.

Birds were her favorite animal. She loved seagulls. We had a few birds in the house growing up as well as a dog or two.

Being the youngest of five, I did get to learn from the others. That kept me out of trouble more than once. What made mom mad. I never got a spanking but watched my siblings get some from her or if it was really bad Dad got involved. I learned to never lie. She could always tell when we lied. Also own up to mistakes. Admit when you screwed up and not lie about it.

I have always been entertained with the way my dad and her would have a fight. Mom would yell at dad and he would just say "Yes dear, I wont do that again" which would make her mad. I know they also never went to bed mad at each other and made sure we all learned that too.

So as I remember little things about mom, I might post more.

I don't know if my life would have been much different if she had been around longer or not. I just hope that I have done some things in my life that she would have been proud of me. Love you mom.

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