Thursday, October 4, 2012

It has been quite awhilte since I have been writing.    Spring and Summer flew by so fast.  What ever happened to as you get older things slow down?    My life has not.  Until last week.  I get to that later.

Not to much this spring happened.  I have taken some sewing classes and learned alot.  

Summer had a couple of camping trips and my birthday and a wedding on the first day of fall.

 A quiet lake,  Loved sitting there in the morning with my friends and just watch the fog roll by and lift.

 The geese running for the food.   So entertaining to watch.
 The brave or not so smart swimmers in the lake.   Brrr  it looked cold, but they swan and the went to the dock and jumped in.  
The Cascade mountain range.  

The next camp was our church family camp.    This one is so much fun.  I get to camp with my friends in a small tent city.   

 Setting up a tent, one of many.

 Fort Ebey State Park has twisted trees.  From years of being beaten by the winds of the Straight of Juan de Fuca
Brothers looking down the cliff 

 The sun setting the first night

 Looking down the cliffs.   It is so amazing the power of the water and the beauty of the area  God has made the Northwest a masterpiece of art.
 We hiked down the path to the beach.
 Some swam.  Others looked out for whales and other sea creatures.

 The whole Westminster Family campers and visitors.  2012
The Family.

After Family Camp we all helped get Hannah and Aaron ready for their wedding.

It was a beautiful night.   

So after all that my life has slowed down almost to a stop.   I had surgery last week.   A total hysterectomy, down by   Robotic da Vinci (laproscopic) hysterectomy! At Overlake Hospital. This was the first major surgery I have had.  I have day surgeries and oral surgery but staying over night in the hospital scared me the most.  I can never thank Jeanne for taking me to the hospital, staying overnight and then opening her home for me to recover at. Thank you so Much Timothy and Jeanne,   Gladys and Joe, Daphne and Eva, Esther, Hannah and Aaron. and Peter.  

I have to stop my self and remember that I had surgery.   I feel so much better over all. no more constant pain.   With only 5 , inch long incisions it is so easy to want to do more that my body is ready to do.  So to say my life has slowed downed.  

I guess I will have to accept it and enjoy because it will get to flying away from me soon.   I will be wanting down time.

Thank you all who have prayed and visited  and texted and called.