Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall Sightings

I was just thinking about fall today. As I was driving west on 228th (from Bothell to Mountlake Terrace via Lynnwood) I was coming down the hill looking out towards the Olympic Mountains the hill in front was covered with green and brown trees. There amongst them was 1 lone very colorful red maple. From a distant it looked like a picture that would make a great jigsaw puzzle. To bad I was working and could not get a picture.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Family Trees

Have you really ever thought about your family tree.

We all have Mothers and Fathers, some sisters and brothers. They, your siblings, get married you then have in-laws. They start have kids. Your nieces and nephews.

Your parents have siblings. Your Aunts and Uncles. They are married so more Aunts and Uncles. They then have kids, Your cousins.

You all get older. You lose some to divorce, and some die maybe some just disappear from the family for reasons of their own.

Others get married and start having kids. Now you are into 2nd cousins, great nieces and nephews.

Time keeps going on. Seasons change with your family tree. You get along, you fight, but you love each other no matter what.

I have lost some of my family in my lifetime.

I never knew my grandfathers or grandma Nash, I cherish the time I had with Grandma Gunn.

Step grandma Evelyn was not to big in my life but she was a great English lady who had a couple tea parties that I remember from my early years.

Aunts and Uncles have pasted on.

My Mom and Dad are both gone. I do miss them. But memories and pictures are great to look back on. You can really see your parents in your siblings.

Last October I lost my brother in law. Now yesterday got word that my last Uncle died. I am feeling a little bummed out. I was just beginning to get to know him. He was my Moms only brother and they some differences when I was young and they did not speak or visit.

I am thankful for facebook. I got to know my cousin Kathleen, and my uncle from chatting with them online. I saw my cousins Linda and Micheal and his family this past July.

We all have busyness in our lives but need to take the time for families.

I am really blessed to have another family too. one that has been there for a lot in my life also.

I am trying to be better about talking to and doing things with my family (even thought they can be a challenge) because we just don't know how much time we have with them.

I love you and friends.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Answered prayers.

Everyone says pray about it,God answers all prayers. Yet, there are times when it seem ridiculous to ask for something that does not seem much. Hannah messaged me today about going to the Puyallup fair. I had to say no. I did not have the money. I felt really bad. It something we have done for a few years and I love going with her. So, I prayed, as I changed out of my uniform and put on jeans I found $40.00 in the pocket that I totally forgot about. Fair money. 1st Prayer answered. Still a little concerned but texted Hannah and we are going. Meeting up with my sister Nancy and niece Sarah to carpool down.

I headed out to Granite Falls for my friends Anns birthday. To help her baby sit her grandkids.
They are 6 years old down to 4 months. They are a handful but fun. Her daughter Katie was there (1st shift) . As she was leaving she handed me 4 tickets to the Puyallup fair. Exhibitor passes. She gets them at work and could not go this year so she gave them to me to use. 2nd answer to prayer.

I just love it when God takes control. : )

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday's Rambles.

So I got to sleep in, Whoo Hoo!! Wide awake at 6 am. A hour later than normal.
Started the day with a bible study. Psalm 139
Just to know that Our Great God cares for even the littlest detail in our lives is so uterly amazing. He know when I sit, stand and even my thoughts. He must have great entertainment on the thoughts of people.

As I read, and go to verse 13 I really thought on how He made us. Fearfully and wonderfully made by God. I could go for a tag on me saying that. No I won't get a tatoo of it but it just reminds me of the tags people sew in clothes.

As I continued reading and got to verse 13, I really started thinking of my feet. Two feet, ten toes, that support me. They take alot of abuse. Walking, running. balancing all the different ways they are used. My feet have taking me on many, many walks. Pushed the petal down in the car for hours on end. Have been cut, bruised, blistered, and dirty. They have been tired, and yet always ready to go. Just to think that God made them for us to do all of this. : )

So I end this ramble with

Search me O God, and know my heart, test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in my and lead me in the way everlasting. Psalm 139:23:24

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Good Wednesday to all.

Just a note to say absolutely nothing important. Not much going on except work. So

Good Wednesday All

Monday, September 6, 2010

Run away or Run to??

I seem to deal with lifes problems by running away instead of facing them head on.
So Friday night I found out that a friend lied. I have tried to be a friend to this person for few years and the last several months have been rough. Do I keep trying to show him what a friend is or give up. I thought God wanted me to show him but he just does not know what a friend is.

We had talked about doing something this weekend. So we planned to go to Leavenworth and then head up to Chelan and on to Winthrop and west on Highway 20. He cancelled. Told me something came up. Told my sister that he had to much homework. Told his "girlfriend" that he thought she would be upset if we went out for the day. So three different reasons to three different people. Duh did he think I don't talk to my sister? Did he not think that "girlfriend" and I don't chat online? We do. The girlfriend said that she told him to call me, that she does not have a problem of us going on trips and spending time together. He does not call. I can handle most things but lying is not one I do well with. I try so hard not to lie, to accept responsibility for my actions but lie to me and doubt and lack of trust comes in to play.
So Saturday I just ran errands and then went to work for a Slurpee time with my coworker Erika. It was an evening of laughter and I needed that.

Sunday comes. I go to church and was going to stay but he came. I chose to run before I said something that was not appropriate for church. I headed east. I took God on a road trip. Just Him and I. I sang most of the trip and He did not complain. my off tune or wrong words. He just listened and let me yell and scream.
First stop was the fair and saw Mike Cummings show his sheep. Also saw how I did in the photography exhibits. I got 2nd place with my cow and snail pictures and 3rd with my flag.


I left the fair and drove to Leavenworth, I just kept going. On thru Cashmere, then
Wenatchee. Saw alot of orchards and fruit. Apples, Pears, and peaches. Farther north along the Columbia river saw many wineries.

As I drove I observed God's creation. It is unimaginable how He created the land, in all its different textures. The water how it comes down in the rain and flows to rivers and streams. Onward to the oceans and lakes. Waterfalls along the side of the road were not flowing fast but still following the path laid before it. Got me thinking how God has laid a path for our lives and how we try to run in a different direction is never a good idea.

More of his creation was along the side of the road. The cows, sheep, coyotes, and a bobcat all were observed.

Trees beginning to turn color, Evergreen trees in the different shades of green.

God really gave me a Sunday school lesson and sermon all in this drive.

I got home. Still don't know what to do but willing to do Gods will.

I love the Lord.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Lessons learned

So, I have really learned a lesson. I will trust God and my friends and not just anyone. Once was a mistake, Two was stupidity. Three was just plain stupid. Never again. I will do God's will and go from there........