Sunday, September 26, 2010

Family Trees

Have you really ever thought about your family tree.

We all have Mothers and Fathers, some sisters and brothers. They, your siblings, get married you then have in-laws. They start have kids. Your nieces and nephews.

Your parents have siblings. Your Aunts and Uncles. They are married so more Aunts and Uncles. They then have kids, Your cousins.

You all get older. You lose some to divorce, and some die maybe some just disappear from the family for reasons of their own.

Others get married and start having kids. Now you are into 2nd cousins, great nieces and nephews.

Time keeps going on. Seasons change with your family tree. You get along, you fight, but you love each other no matter what.

I have lost some of my family in my lifetime.

I never knew my grandfathers or grandma Nash, I cherish the time I had with Grandma Gunn.

Step grandma Evelyn was not to big in my life but she was a great English lady who had a couple tea parties that I remember from my early years.

Aunts and Uncles have pasted on.

My Mom and Dad are both gone. I do miss them. But memories and pictures are great to look back on. You can really see your parents in your siblings.

Last October I lost my brother in law. Now yesterday got word that my last Uncle died. I am feeling a little bummed out. I was just beginning to get to know him. He was my Moms only brother and they some differences when I was young and they did not speak or visit.

I am thankful for facebook. I got to know my cousin Kathleen, and my uncle from chatting with them online. I saw my cousins Linda and Micheal and his family this past July.

We all have busyness in our lives but need to take the time for families.

I am really blessed to have another family too. one that has been there for a lot in my life also.

I am trying to be better about talking to and doing things with my family (even thought they can be a challenge) because we just don't know how much time we have with them.

I love you and friends.

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