Monday, September 6, 2010

Run away or Run to??

I seem to deal with lifes problems by running away instead of facing them head on.
So Friday night I found out that a friend lied. I have tried to be a friend to this person for few years and the last several months have been rough. Do I keep trying to show him what a friend is or give up. I thought God wanted me to show him but he just does not know what a friend is.

We had talked about doing something this weekend. So we planned to go to Leavenworth and then head up to Chelan and on to Winthrop and west on Highway 20. He cancelled. Told me something came up. Told my sister that he had to much homework. Told his "girlfriend" that he thought she would be upset if we went out for the day. So three different reasons to three different people. Duh did he think I don't talk to my sister? Did he not think that "girlfriend" and I don't chat online? We do. The girlfriend said that she told him to call me, that she does not have a problem of us going on trips and spending time together. He does not call. I can handle most things but lying is not one I do well with. I try so hard not to lie, to accept responsibility for my actions but lie to me and doubt and lack of trust comes in to play.
So Saturday I just ran errands and then went to work for a Slurpee time with my coworker Erika. It was an evening of laughter and I needed that.

Sunday comes. I go to church and was going to stay but he came. I chose to run before I said something that was not appropriate for church. I headed east. I took God on a road trip. Just Him and I. I sang most of the trip and He did not complain. my off tune or wrong words. He just listened and let me yell and scream.
First stop was the fair and saw Mike Cummings show his sheep. Also saw how I did in the photography exhibits. I got 2nd place with my cow and snail pictures and 3rd with my flag.


I left the fair and drove to Leavenworth, I just kept going. On thru Cashmere, then
Wenatchee. Saw alot of orchards and fruit. Apples, Pears, and peaches. Farther north along the Columbia river saw many wineries.

As I drove I observed God's creation. It is unimaginable how He created the land, in all its different textures. The water how it comes down in the rain and flows to rivers and streams. Onward to the oceans and lakes. Waterfalls along the side of the road were not flowing fast but still following the path laid before it. Got me thinking how God has laid a path for our lives and how we try to run in a different direction is never a good idea.

More of his creation was along the side of the road. The cows, sheep, coyotes, and a bobcat all were observed.

Trees beginning to turn color, Evergreen trees in the different shades of green.

God really gave me a Sunday school lesson and sermon all in this drive.

I got home. Still don't know what to do but willing to do Gods will.

I love the Lord.

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