Monday, May 28, 2012

Reading and thinking.

Have you ever read something that just made you feel that it was written just for you?   I have.  

I am reading The God who sees you by Tammy Maltby and Anne Christian Buchanan.  

There is a chapter that really hit home.   That even in the darkest moment of my life  God was there.  God constructed my life but gave me choices.   We all make wrong choices but for me, my wrong choices really bug me.  How could I have not seen how my choice was going to play out.  I know that God is there at all times.  He sees what no one else sees.  

We all hide things from others.  I know I do.  God knows it all.   He is always prepared to be there for me.  Nothing I do can be kept from God.  

Does God sit back and shakes His head at our lives.  No He is there with open arms to give the best hugs.  He forgives us for all our sins.

I have been so looking forward to the rest of the book until I saw the next chapter.  Just the title put tears in my eyes.    You're Worth It.   This is what the Gospels are about. The God of the universe see me as someone worth it all.  Even death of His son on the cross.   The chapter ends with this "God really does see you - your past, your present and your future, your possibilities,He is painfully aware of your sins and failures but rejoices over you hidden good deeds and best intents."

Wow think about this.   As the Father He made you and adopted you into His family.
As the Son He thought you were worth dying for.   As the Spirit, He chooses to live within you.   Wow.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

It has been awhile

Oh blog I have ignored  you.  It has been awhile since I posted anything.  It is not that I don't have anything to say but what do I want to say for others to read.

I have been out around the county taking pictures.  I have been home sewing and playing with Katie Ann and Lucky,  my cats.  I have been going to doctor appointments.  I have been worshiping my God who sees me for what He wants me to be. Ok that came from the devotional I have started reading.

It is one of the best times in the Pacific Northwest.   We get to see blue skies, snow covered mountains both the Olympics and the Cascades.  Throw in Puget Sound.   So many different shades of blue, with white caps on the water at times.

Now add the brilliant colors of the trees and grass.  So many different greens.  Some dark green others yellow light green.  With the flowers colors that add an assortment of colors,   Red, purple, blue, yellow.  Light or dark.  Others mixed colors.  All painted by God.

There is so much I want to take pictures of.   I have been trying to take more people pictures.   I just am not comfortable with that but people have been encouraging me.

I have been out walking more but still have pain.   I really hope that I get results from tests soon.

So back to real life.    Trying to live for God, serving Him and showing Him to others.