Friday, August 16, 2013

my 2013 list update

So in the last 7 days I am able to cross of a couple of 2013 to do's

1.  Visit Leavenworth Washington.   Not just to spend a hour or so but the whole day exploring the town

2.  Pedicure,    Have to change this one so I started bleaching my teeth today

3.  Travel to Seattle Washington just to wander and take pictures a few time during the year.

4.  Ride the San Juan Ferry and visit Friday Harbor.

5.  Hike the Lime Kiln trail out of Granite FallsDone  07-01-2013

6.  Visit the Big Four Ice Caves.  Again live here and never been.08-16-2013

    Went there today with Ann.   Nice hike on warm day.  How impressive to see God in His glory.  

7.  Hurricane Ridge.    Want to go on a clear day.

8. Ride the Seattle Great Wheel.  I would love to ride both day and night.

9.  Visit Butchart Gardens.  Not going to happen  Lack of money so new hike Padilla Bay Nature Reserve

10.  Visit Mt St Helens

11. Go to Multnomah Falls

12. See the Freemont Troll

13.  Go up in a Hot air balloon  We have scheduled 5 times but weather kept us from 4 times.08-10-2013
Last Saturday I finally go to go up in the hot air balloon ride.  It only took 5 times to go up.
I loved it.   The view was so spectacular.   We got above the clouds.  I love that my best friends agreed to come along.   Still on a high from this one.
 we laid it out and got read to blow air into it.  Then heat it up so we could fly

Our reflection.

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