Monday, May 31, 2010

The Ending Of A Three Day Weekend.

Boy, I have thoroughly enjoyed this weekend. Other than church it was just me and God. I turned down so many invitations from people to go and do something and I don't feel guilty at all.

I stayed home all day Saturday for a couple of reasons. One I just really did not want to go out. So cleaned my bedroom. Three bags to Value Village and 4 to the garbage. I have closet space and floor space.

I also got tickets for my July trip ordered. July 8 - 12 in Rochester Minnesota with my friend Ann to visit her Grandma and Dad. I am so looking forward to the trip. New state to take pictures in. I hope there will be a good midwest storm while we are there too.

Reason 2 is I was being bugged by a friend (yes the jerk) to come over and I refused. He then called and we talked and ended the call with me yelling at him. I have to day it felt good.

Sunday started with me actually being late for Sunday School. When I went in it had flooded the downstairs where it always does. So I helped clean out and mop up.

After church I had a couple of errands Costco and shopping. Then laundry. That is an experience in its own.

So doing laundry on a Sunday afternoon is interesting. You have a couple of mothers with little kids, and then the men who have no idea how to do the laundry. I can say I was entertained.

Sunday ended with a visit to Erika at work to plan a joke on the road supervisor Steve. I see toilet paper in the future on his vehicle.

Monday the bonus day. Memorial day. Thanks to all who have served or are serving to protect our country and others.

I rearranged the kitchen back wall and living room. 9 hours of work. I gave up shopping with a friend.

In all being at home with little contact with others made me really spend time with God. I have a new sense of where to go on in life. Have let go of old stuff and ready for the new directions. My attitude is much better than it has been. So I should be a better person out in the world.

Lord, Our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth. Psalms 8:1

I will praise you, O Lord, with all my heart. I will tell of all your wonders. I will be glad and rejoice in you. I will sing praise to your name O Most High. Psalm 9:1 & 2

Thank you God for all.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Weekend

Oh a three day weekend. What to do? Picnic, camp, definitely find somewhere to go and photo. Still what to do with it raining.

I felt at work today like I took 6 showers and only one I used soap and shampoo and that was at 4:30 before work. It was bad enough to drive in quite a bit of water, both on the ground and falling from the sky, but to have to be outside at every stop got cold. God has a sense of humor for every time I had to use the lift on the bus it poured cats and dogs. I felt sorry for the people on the lift with me being short I cannot use an umbrella I would poke them in the eye as I raise them up. So they also had a shower. When I got home it was another shower and hot cocoa. So much better : )

The grey sky just kept everything wet and cold feeling making it seem like March. I believe that warm weather will be coming when?? I don't know.

I am getting to go on a vacation to Minnesota. Never have been there. I am so looking forward to being on the farm and taking pictures. I am going with a friend to visit her grandma and dad. I have meant her dad before. I also get to meet her aunt and uncle and possibly go into Iowa. So does Minnesota get the rainstorms I have heard about? I hope so I really want to experience and get pics of one.

Looking forward to fun times this year. Taking a positive approach. Bought a tent, have a sleeping bag. Just might have to take off and camp somewhere.

Well timer went off time to see how dinner is doing.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Happy Wednesday

It is mid work week. Not much in life going on right now. Off to work

Saturday, May 22, 2010


What a week. I am so glad it is the week end. I have had bad traffic, bad dispatchers, great weather to watch, friends that got married, friends who accomplished a goal of running a 1/2 marathon and my apt to clean.

It is spring cleaning. Living room done except for vacuuming. So as I changed from jeans to shorts to clean and I lost my phone. After 2 hours looking for it I emailed a friend to call or text me and she called. I could hear the phone but could not find it. About an hour later another friend texted me and I finally found it in the pocket of the jeans in the luandery basket under the dirty towels. Good thing I did not do laundry today.

I also have been in thought and prayer about how to respond to a person. He emailed this week a couple of times and I responded to the first one with a very short answer. His friend has asked me to talk to him and that she would like to meet me in June when she comes to visit. She also said that my unfriending him on facebook hurt him. I did ask him why he did not ask me why. He said my friends convinced me to or I was mad at him. I told him it was what he was posting that I felt targeted. God has not given me clear insight yet on what to do.

So week end thank you for coming and I look forward to the start of the next week.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


What a beautiful day. Woke up late and ran to work almost late for work but got here in time. The blue sky and sunshine with the clouds floating along. Weekend I hope will be as nice.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday's Ramblings

The week has started. Monday was a day that started being tired but would not have change what I did Sunday for anything. To do something so simple and yet do it so stupidly is embarrassing and yet painful. How many times you open door walk out and the turn to get back in?? It only takes one time to slam into the edge of the door so hard you bruise your shoulder. I then tried to blow it off and work out. So rode the bike and started in on the weights. Only could do the legs. Ice become a friend Monday night.

When I got home and open email and get an email from a so called friend. Why now does he have to be somewhat considerate in his email?? Uggggh. The thoughts of what to do. Do I email back. Do I ignore? Do I be mean in a response or considerate back?

So on Tuesday I get a message from a mutual friend that makes me rethink all the questions above. I have yet to answer either one.

Oh God what is the christian responce that I should have. I remember the painful things that were written. The hurt and anger are still there, Not as strong but there. What Lord do I need to do??

I have many people telling me their view points on this. Which one should I listen to? Are any of them right? Do I listen to any at all? How to decide is all part of the learning experience of this time in my life. I will listen to those who have been there supporting and loving me. I cannot thank them enough.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Friday done. Got a big smile on. Had my my teeth cleaned first thing this morning. Nothing like clean smooth teeth. No cavities.

Lawn mowed and weed wacked. I enjoyed the drive to Granite Falls. Put the mp3 player in the pocket, ear plugs in and listed to music as I mowed and weed wacked.

On to Shoreline to Nancy's. Traffic was good going south but north looked bad. Got Elizabeths birthday present to her finally. Visited and then backroads north. Got to visit my friends for the rest of the evening.

what a good day.

Weekend ending

It is the begining of a three day weekend. Oh what to do?? It will start with a dental cleaning. I cannot wait for the smooth clean feeling of the teeth.

So what's next. I quess that I will head to Granite Falls and mow and weed wack. Outdoor exercise in the fresh air and sunshine. Then drive to my sister's in Shoreline. Then???????freedom to do anything.

Picture to take :) Maybe people to see.

I think I need to get up and get started.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day

As I sat in church this morning and was turning the pages in my bible to the passage a piece of paper fell out into my lap. It was a poem the I got May 9, 1974 at Hillcrest for Mother's day.

At Mother's Knee

"I have worshipped in churches and chapels,
I've prayed in the busy street,
I have sought my God and have found Him
Where the waves of the ocean beat.
I have knelt int the silent forest,
In the shade of some ancient tree;
But the dearest of all my alters,
Was raised at my mother's knee.

I have listened to God in His temple;
I've caught His voice in the crowd:
U have heard Him speak when the breakers
Were booming logn and loud'
Where the winds play soft in the tree tops
My Father has talked to me;
But I never have heard Him clearer
Then I did at my mother's knee.

God make me the woman of her vision.
and purge me of selfishness!
God keep my true to her standards,
and help me live to bless!!
God hallow the holy impress
of the days that used to be;
and keep me a pilgrim forever
tho the shrine at my mother's knee."

How many times growning up have I found myself on moms lap. Whether I was crying over something, or just because. Her lap or shoulder was a comfort.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Day

As Mothers day gets closer I am writing to remember my mom. I only had her for 18 years. At times I have felt cheated that I did not have her physically in my life longer but God knows when to bring people home.

My mom had a great sense of humor. April fools day she lived to get my brother back. My sister and I were more than once asked to help her get him back. And to think it all started with him switching the salt with the sugar and our neighbor got a salty cup of coffee.

She also loved to have people just drop by and visit. The coffee pot was always on.

My mom loved flowers. Roses were her favorite. We had many rose bushes as well as other flowers. We had a huge snowball tree that was beautiful. Every year we would have snowball fights with the flowers. Lilacs were another favorite.

Birds were her favorite animal. She loved seagulls. We had a few birds in the house growing up as well as a dog or two.

Being the youngest of five, I did get to learn from the others. That kept me out of trouble more than once. What made mom mad. I never got a spanking but watched my siblings get some from her or if it was really bad Dad got involved. I learned to never lie. She could always tell when we lied. Also own up to mistakes. Admit when you screwed up and not lie about it.

I have always been entertained with the way my dad and her would have a fight. Mom would yell at dad and he would just say "Yes dear, I wont do that again" which would make her mad. I know they also never went to bed mad at each other and made sure we all learned that too.

So as I remember little things about mom, I might post more.

I don't know if my life would have been much different if she had been around longer or not. I just hope that I have done some things in my life that she would have been proud of me. Love you mom.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

One month

It has been a month since "hell broke loose". Many decisions were made. I am so happy to say This week was the change. I am seriously happy where I am in life being Me.

Still don't understand some things but willing to accept the position the thoughts are in. It is not me to understand other people but to understand me for what God has given me and doing with me. On with life.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


I actually slept in until 5 today. Such a different 1 hour makes. Not much on the plans for today but it was a productive day. Went Monroe and got together with a friend and shopped at Ben Franklin's. Gotta love craft stores then onto Goodwill. Yep checked out the new one in Monroe. Bought a photo album.

My friend has asked me to take the pictures at her daughters wedding in June. I know I am not that good but willing to try. So any ideas will be welcome for different or unique shots. Please let me know of them.

Went to leave and the car went east instead of west.
Drove to Leavenworth. Was not the plan but God used the time to show His creation and guidance. The greens of the trees from yellow green to the dark emerald green was beautiful. The rushing water of the rivers, the snow that was packed on the side of the road and falling from the sky are all reminders from God this is His world and He alone made it we are just caretakers. He allows the time in the car for me to be a time to pray and seek guidance. Answers came quickly.

Got home and chatted with my friend and we are good. I knew we would be but mind games play never like real life. I have lost one friend this last month and did not want to have problems with my best friend. God helps us all. So much better now.