Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday's Ramblings

The week has started. Monday was a day that started being tired but would not have change what I did Sunday for anything. To do something so simple and yet do it so stupidly is embarrassing and yet painful. How many times you open door walk out and the turn to get back in?? It only takes one time to slam into the edge of the door so hard you bruise your shoulder. I then tried to blow it off and work out. So rode the bike and started in on the weights. Only could do the legs. Ice become a friend Monday night.

When I got home and open email and get an email from a so called friend. Why now does he have to be somewhat considerate in his email?? Uggggh. The thoughts of what to do. Do I email back. Do I ignore? Do I be mean in a response or considerate back?

So on Tuesday I get a message from a mutual friend that makes me rethink all the questions above. I have yet to answer either one.

Oh God what is the christian responce that I should have. I remember the painful things that were written. The hurt and anger are still there, Not as strong but there. What Lord do I need to do??

I have many people telling me their view points on this. Which one should I listen to? Are any of them right? Do I listen to any at all? How to decide is all part of the learning experience of this time in my life. I will listen to those who have been there supporting and loving me. I cannot thank them enough.

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