Saturday, May 22, 2010


What a week. I am so glad it is the week end. I have had bad traffic, bad dispatchers, great weather to watch, friends that got married, friends who accomplished a goal of running a 1/2 marathon and my apt to clean.

It is spring cleaning. Living room done except for vacuuming. So as I changed from jeans to shorts to clean and I lost my phone. After 2 hours looking for it I emailed a friend to call or text me and she called. I could hear the phone but could not find it. About an hour later another friend texted me and I finally found it in the pocket of the jeans in the luandery basket under the dirty towels. Good thing I did not do laundry today.

I also have been in thought and prayer about how to respond to a person. He emailed this week a couple of times and I responded to the first one with a very short answer. His friend has asked me to talk to him and that she would like to meet me in June when she comes to visit. She also said that my unfriending him on facebook hurt him. I did ask him why he did not ask me why. He said my friends convinced me to or I was mad at him. I told him it was what he was posting that I felt targeted. God has not given me clear insight yet on what to do.

So week end thank you for coming and I look forward to the start of the next week.

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