Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day

As I sat in church this morning and was turning the pages in my bible to the passage a piece of paper fell out into my lap. It was a poem the I got May 9, 1974 at Hillcrest for Mother's day.

At Mother's Knee

"I have worshipped in churches and chapels,
I've prayed in the busy street,
I have sought my God and have found Him
Where the waves of the ocean beat.
I have knelt int the silent forest,
In the shade of some ancient tree;
But the dearest of all my alters,
Was raised at my mother's knee.

I have listened to God in His temple;
I've caught His voice in the crowd:
U have heard Him speak when the breakers
Were booming logn and loud'
Where the winds play soft in the tree tops
My Father has talked to me;
But I never have heard Him clearer
Then I did at my mother's knee.

God make me the woman of her vision.
and purge me of selfishness!
God keep my true to her standards,
and help me live to bless!!
God hallow the holy impress
of the days that used to be;
and keep me a pilgrim forever
tho the shrine at my mother's knee."

How many times growning up have I found myself on moms lap. Whether I was crying over something, or just because. Her lap or shoulder was a comfort.

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  1. I still like to sit on my Mother's lap. :) You are right it's comforting.