Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Josh Wilson - I Refuse (Slideshow With Lyrics)

I just heard this song this weekend and love what it says I want to have that frame of mind.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Five years ago I made a decision that scared me.

I gave notice at the job I was at teaching drivers education in Marysville for a private company. They did not have any benefits so Istarted looking elsewhere. I had been curious about these blue and white minibuses that drove around the county so I looked them up online and they were hiring.

Did I want to drive elderly and disabled people around the county? Did I have the patience to be in traffic every day? Could I deal with the wide array of personalities?

I applied. Got a call and set up interview. The first question I asked was "Are the buses automatic?" I don't do manual well at all. Someday someone will have theoffer to teach me. They will have to have patience of a saint and I might take them up on it.

I got the job. So working part time and in training with 13 others I started learning all about my job. These four weeks went fast but learned alot.

Five years later and only 1 classmate left.
I Love my job.
I get to travel the county in all sorts of weather. I have made new friends. I have had trials and great experiences. Been thru tears and laughter. Have some great coworkers, some that I got to train.

Heres to many more years.