Friday, September 24, 2010

Answered prayers.

Everyone says pray about it,God answers all prayers. Yet, there are times when it seem ridiculous to ask for something that does not seem much. Hannah messaged me today about going to the Puyallup fair. I had to say no. I did not have the money. I felt really bad. It something we have done for a few years and I love going with her. So, I prayed, as I changed out of my uniform and put on jeans I found $40.00 in the pocket that I totally forgot about. Fair money. 1st Prayer answered. Still a little concerned but texted Hannah and we are going. Meeting up with my sister Nancy and niece Sarah to carpool down.

I headed out to Granite Falls for my friends Anns birthday. To help her baby sit her grandkids.
They are 6 years old down to 4 months. They are a handful but fun. Her daughter Katie was there (1st shift) . As she was leaving she handed me 4 tickets to the Puyallup fair. Exhibitor passes. She gets them at work and could not go this year so she gave them to me to use. 2nd answer to prayer.

I just love it when God takes control. : )

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  1. Peggy! That is so awesome. Thanks for sharing that. I'm glad that God answered your prayers! :)