Thursday, April 14, 2011

Saturday at to Oregon Zoo

For Christmas I gave Ellie the gift of going somewhere with Hannah and me. I took her, Hannah and Esther to the Oregon Zoo Saturday.
Up at 6 to pick them up at 7, I arrived at the Hisey's and texted Hannah and Esther. I got call from Hannah she just woke up. I left to get Ellie and would come back. Esther texted and said she had not seen Hannah. I got Ellie and we went back to get them. Out the door they came and went back (forgot something) and came again. We were off.... to get gas and snacks.

Gassed up and snacks bought, Hannah got her make-up on. we were on the road south.

Of course I have to take pictures of plants and flowers too.
One rest stop later, we arrived at the Oregon Zoo. No parking found so we drove around Washington park and back to the parking lot and bingo a parking spot at the zoo.

Star fish and other sea animals throughout the zoo was nice.

Esther in the eagle exhibit.

So after walking around and seeing Lion, Tigers, and Bears. We watched a polar bear dance?? or at least walk to his own beat. Saw the bald eagles, insects, snakes, Hannah got to see the rhino, Esther the Hippo, Ellie the baboons. We headed over to the Lloyd center and walked some more.

Stopped for dinner at Red Robin, then home. Long fun day.

It was the best weekend after a very hard week.

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