Saturday, March 2, 2013

Feb 24th    Prayer for health.  Lord we take for granted out health.   Thank you for slowing me down this weekend and resting but myself and in you.   Help keep me healthy to serve you.

Feb 25th    What a joy to have a job to go to.   Help me show you in my life today.  It is Monday and it starts early.   Thank you for the weather.

Feb 26th  Thank you for bringing my cats into my life.  My alarm clocks purr, and meow to get up in time for work.   That gives me sometime to spend with you.  Thank you for them

Feb 27th   I pray today for a friend who has more work at this time of the month. Be with her to help her function fully and clearly as she deals with the stress.   Give her times of relaxation and enjoyment.   Keep her safe in the long hours she will be working.

Feb 28 Thank for holding me up to praying for something each day this month.   I have seen your love and compassion.  Thank you for forgiving sins.

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