Tuesday, February 5, 2013

So I thought of something to do this month and hopefully it will continue forever.  

I started praying for one thing, person, situation a day for the next 28 days.   Yes I started on the first but debated about posting it.  Then thought maybe others will be encouraged.

Feb 1   Prayer for myself.   Yes I know why me but I need God's help in seeing this thru.

        Dear God,   I just want to spend sometime with you today.   I am amazed how you have worked in my life and continue to.  Please help me to be more like you.  Help me show your love in all I do.   Help me to minister to those who need it.   Help me to forgive others.  I thank you for all you have provided for me.   I thank you for your Son and spirit.  I ask for your forgiveness.

Feb 2  Thankful for His Son.

         Dear God,   How can I thank you for the gift of Your Son.  Thank you for the example you gave for us.  Oh, to be like Jesus is a work in progress.   Help me show Jesus in my life.

Feb 3  Church

     Dear God.  Oh how I love hymns and the sermon.   How important is the church in my life.  To worship and serve you.  To see the older generation and the younger blend together.   To learn from the sermon as well as from others.  To have the faith of the senior ladies.  All things I am so grateful for.  

Feb 4 Family

Dear God.  Thank you for my family.    God you know what each of us need.  I pray for my family for health and for their needs both ones they talk about and the unspoken one.  

Feb 5  Friends
     Dear God.   Thank you for all my friends,    I am amazed on my friends.   You have people walk into my life at all times.  Thank you for the close friends.   I pray for there health and needs.   You know all the needs.   I pray for the  families of my friends.  

Well that the start   TO BE CONTINUED.

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