Thursday, January 20, 2011

weekend at Nancy's

My weekend at Nancy's.
With a 15 year old, 13 year old, (My nieces) a dog, and my 2 kitties is was an adventure.
Sarah was helpful with the kitties, who liked to explore and hide. It must have wore her out. She is curled up by Diego's kennel.
We lost the kitties twice. Once found upstairs and the second time took 30 minutes to find them asleep outside the bathroom door under a shelf/cabinet. Them Kyzer lost his collar. We looked every where. I even said I would pay 2 buck to whoever found it. Sarah found it upstairs under the dresser.

Diego, Their dog, loves to bark at me and jump until you say hi and pet him. He did not know what to do with the kitties that invaded his home.
So he spent time in his kennel just watching the kitties to see what trouble they could get into.
Overall he was good. He liked to chase the laser light and so did Katie and they would start chasing together than realize the other is chasing so the hissing and barking would start.

Spent time on the computer too. Catherine here is checking out the wardrobe from the golden globe award. Otherwise she was on facebook playing cityville. Not doing piano or home work.

Diego shared his dog food and water with the kitties, not by his choice. They took it over. What a sad look he gave when he realized that Kyzer was drinking his water.

Kzyer, my mellow kitty just wanted to stretch out and relax. He also wandered the counter to find the faucet and check on Nancy's plants.

Sarah, Monday morning not totally awake playing with the animals.
Katie found her mouse and carried it all over the counter and kitchen.

We also on Sunday were joined by my two great nephews. They had fun outside on the swings and we had all the animals out to play also. Kyzer and Katie got better about being on a leash.
Overall a good weekend.

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