Saturday, January 1, 2011


As 2010 came to a close I have had 3 friends loose loved ones.

First a coworker lost her mother just before Christmas. A good service at church for her, Fred did good. I pray that his message has made life changing decisions in the family. They all were open to Fred and really listened to what he said.

2nd my other mother Paula lost her mother just a day after Christmas. This one has be hard for me. Grandma Pfaff was my other Grandmother. I have known Doug and Paula since I was 14 and Grandma Pfaff since I was 20. So as the years went by I have grown to love her as my grandma. I looked forward to time spent with her. She helped me tease my sister Nancy at gatherings. She loved the Lord so much you really could see God working thru her.

3rd Here on New Years day I get a text from my friend Ann, her grandmother died this morning. I got the privilege to meet her this past July. Ann invited me to travel back to Minnesota to visit Grams and her dad. Grams was loosing her sight and did not want to go out a see things with us but she encouraged us to go have Ann show me around. She was so excited to her me talk about where we had gone and listened to what we did.

I hope and pray for these families. I know that Grandma Pfaff loved the Lord but the others I hope God will use this time and me to show Gods love to them and maybe bring someone to Christs love and family.

As I pray for others I know that People are born to die. I hope others do not have to go through times like this any time soon.

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