Sunday, March 27, 2011

How your mind works HMMM!!

So I have been beating myself up all weekend. Since Thursday when I had the accident I have been going through what happened. I have second, third,and hundred times guessing if it was my fault or the other drivers. So thankful that no one was hurt. Now it just waiting for the decision and investigation to let me know what the result was and if I get any punishment. On the good note. Prayer has been very active. So much to be Thankful for, so much to ask God to heal others, for jobs to be found for those without, for the citizens of Japan that have family members thru out the world still waiting to hear if there loved ones are alive and what kind of damage they have had to the homes. Praying for the safety of all members of our Military. The men and women who are in the different services and countries protecting America. I have also been cloud watching alot the last few days. Blue sky and white puffy clouds. What do you seen in the clouds. There was a great rainbow tonight over the Snohomish valley. Western Washington is Gods palate He creates such beautiful scenes here. With the white topped mountain and the blue waters and sunrises and sunsets. Oh what glorious colors. Well back to beating myself up. Dealt with Prayer.

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