Thursday, April 19, 2012

Is normal ever gonna come back?

I so want to feel normal.   I have been home sick since Monday afternoon.   Any time I look up or sit up I get dizzy.  Went to Urgent Care on Tuesday on the advice of my Dr. and He was the attending Dr. Ok he is a PA but having my dr leave He is the one assigned and I do like him.   So an inner ear problem diagnosed and pills to not make me dizzy have left me feeling so different.   I don't like it.   I have no energy, and naps are looked forward to.

Now it is Thursday and I had to call out for Friday so wanting human contact.   My cats have been entertainment as well as heating pads during naps.    I want to be normal.   I want the world to stop spinning around when I get up.     

Ok rambling done.

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