Monday, June 7, 2010

How do you say NO to God??

Why is easy to say no to God but when asked by other it is so hard?? I cannot say no to often to people when they ask for help. I love to help others. When God asks or pokes you the answer most of the time is NO. I don't have time, I don't want to do that.

I have been battling a situation that I kept saying no. God keeps poking and sending messages to answer. I spent my three day weekend last week in prayer and I relearned that it is not go to say NO to God.

The big lesson reminder was Jonah and the whale. I know that I did not want to disobey but that was what I had been doing.

So this weekend I took the step to follow Gods plan for me and talked to someone I had not face to face talked to since all hell broke loose in April.

God had everything planned out. So Sunday morning I wanted to talk to Jeanne about this but because of both of us were busy I did not.

I went to the gym and met up with the person I have ignored for 2 months. We worked out and then started talking. After hour and half I asked if we could go and get something to drink cold preferred. So we went to Safeways Starbucks and got drinks. While waiting for the drinks I went to buy TP and in line aBeca and Joel showed up and told me the Hiseys were coming to shop. This was good for me our hardest part of the talk was coming and I had some support if really needed.

I saw how God worked in me and I was able to remain calm, did not yell except for once, and was able to express views and ask and answer questions.

As I have heard alot lately This was my God thing. Lesson relearned don't say no to God.

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