Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas past and present

Been thinking about what Christmas was like as a kid.

Fresh tree smell, decorating the fireplace mantel with the village and train. The train ran from one side of the fireplace to the other and back. My dad had made a shelf that ran below the mantel for the train. Putting the village houses and people, trees, and animals up was fun. I remember rearranging things just to bug my brothers and sisters.

The tree, a real tree, not a fake one. Ornaments that we as kids made, ones that mom and grandma made and the ones with our names on it from Auntie Buster. Mine is red. After the decorations and light are on and working then came the tinsel. Oh how I hated and still do. Tinsel the little strips of aluminum that mom required to be put on one at a time. One at a time are you kidding. I liked to take a little handful and toss on a branch. Only to be told to get it off and one at a time. Taking it of is not any better. Had to take it of and store it for next year. Oh Joy.

Christmas eve was the last minute of secret wrappings, me being excited. We would have sandwiches, potatoe salad, baked beans. Then sent to bed kinda early. That was a special time for me. I got to sleep upstairs. Yes upstairs in my sisters room. That was some fun times.
Early Christmas morning I got sent downstairs to see what Santa brought. So tip toeing past my oldest sisters room, which was at the top of the squeaky stairs, that made it fun to sneak past her. Down the stairs and out the door. On to the living room. Did Santa come, did he eat the cookies and take the carrots? Trying to be so quiet but having to turn on a light. Boy is that click loud. There under the tree some packages with our names on them. Hmm unwrapped, what did I get, then having to remember what my sibling got. That was hard I wanted to play with mine. But back upstairs to report the findings. Now the hard part began. The waiting until it was time to go back downstairs. Can I just say the my sister Pam made it difficult on Christmas morning. We could open our socks and play with the Santa gifts but had to wait until all of us were up. Mom with the coffee and dad in his recliner and my sister Pam in bed reading until at least 7 am. Sheer torture to a 6 year old. Who could stay in bed and read???? Pam did.

Finally the presents are opened and play time has started. Naps taken and then dinner. Sometimes we had relatives over and other times it was just us.

Now I don't put a tree up. No room but some decorations are out. Christmas Eve service at church. Love that it is a service of listening to members of the congregation display their musical talents.

Home for the rest of evening. Christmas morning with my brother and his family. This year we get to celebrate Jesus's birthday on Sunday. Then on to my adopted family Christmas.

Every year my sister Nancy and I get to celebrate Christmas again with our friends from Poulsbo. Doug and Paula. I have known them since I was 14.

Through the years I have become more ready to give then receive. Hmm... must be getting older.

Merry Christmas

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