Saturday, January 28, 2012

A New Cat

I got a new cat in December. Lucky Grace join my family. Lucky was found by two friends, abandoned at the Everett Senior Center in a carrier. It was cold and she meowed loudly. They rescued her and I got her the next day. Life has changed. It has been interesting watching the two cats interact. Katie was so mad at the cat joining us but has gotten much better. They both have entertained me during this last week during out snow storm. Lucky likes to perch. She tucks her hind legs under her and hangs her head down. It is funny to look at her and see her perched watching you. Katie on the other hand will stretch out and roll over on her back for tummy rubs. Lucky has a loud meow, Katie's is soft and she chatters and chirps at the birds outside. So as I ramble about them they are asleep on me, one on my lap and the other on my shoulder.

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