Wednesday, February 8, 2012

In December our churches ladies group (Women in the Church WIC)  went out Christmas light seeing.   We combined it with visiting our shut-ins.  So about 18 of us invaded 6 or 7 homes to sing a couple of carols and give them a small gift.   

The shut-ins were so happy to see us.  Some sang with us, others smiled.   Hugs were given.  The happiness went both ways.  They were so happy and we were also happy.  

The men and ladies who for heath reasons can not attend church are not there by their choice but we can make their day a little brighter visiting them.

We have since lost two of the women to God's kingdom..     I am so glad we were able to see them and bring a smile to their faces and little joy to the night for them.   

We are going to continue the visits to our loved shut-ins.  

I have found that between my work and church I have a heart for the seniors and disabled.   God has shown me that we are equal.   Just a smile and hello will make someones day.    : )

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