Friday, February 17, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the President

Have you ever had that kind of day that was going just along fine then someone says something and it goes to bad?

Well my Friday started out good.   My route was a fun morning.  I love going up to Lake Goodwin and then into Arlington to go back to Everett and finished in Bothell.  Headed back to base, which is west of Paine Field,  Parked my bus and went into the building,

 Out on our grass area that over looks the north end of Paine Field all waiting to see Airforce One to land.         I was people watching more than looking forward to see the plane land.  All of sudden they all turned and looked North, raised the cell phones to take pictures of the  plane.   Yes a 747 with the United States of America on it's side and the president inside.  I did not even take pictures.  Unusual  for me I love to take pictures.    As soon as it landed everyone started to leave.

That was the start of lunch.   Lunch was uneventful, visited with coworkers then going out on my 2nd half.   It was not a hard one but towards the end of the day some said something that just blew to day to the bad side.

In my profession we are required to report abuse,  Any kind of abuse, child or elder.  Well someone said something that I had to report.

I don't think of myself as empathetic or compassionate but I feel for the elderly that are taken abuse at the hands of someone that is paid to care for them.   So I guess I am  just a person that Love God and wants to see that everyone is treated fairly, without harm.

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