Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rambling of the week

So, I am not one for posting creative posts.  As my blog title says I ramble.
So here I ramble on

Today might not be to different.   I just have a long week and a long February ( no pun intended to this being leap year).

I found out this week that a friend and coworker is moving out of state.  She was a partner in crimes (hanging out).   Will miss her but with technology we will be able to keep in touch.  After all she is one that once in awhile I can beat on words with friends.

This week I also got to meet a new Dr.   Mine at Group Health moved on to better things for him not for me.  So the new Dr is going to be great.  I don't like Dr's to much since 1st grade.   I know long time to hold a grudge but you get stitches without being numb.  Both internal and external stitches  with my dad holding me down. It has taken me a long time to like to go to the Dr.   I have gotten better I have only kicked one Dr so far and it was his fault standing where he was when he tried to drain a cyst that was not a cyst and it hurt like heck.   My reflexes worked. I kneed him.   Dr Lenny Smith is actually a PA.   He really listened and reviewed my chart.   I did notice that he could not spell well on the computer.  We laughed about that Drs are known for bad hand writing but bad spelling on the computer is that not what spell checker is for?

I have had problems for 5 months so far and he is the first to not immediately go to appendix.  I had a CT scan in October and they said it was a cyst.  Dr Smith is thinking it is fibroids.  So on to an ultrasound.   A visit coming up to Group Health in Bellevue.    In the mean time I am getting really tired of the pain.

So Sunday, after church, lunch and running a errands I came home and was on my bed playing with Katie.   The next thing I saw was the clock reading 3:20   AM  I slept for almost 12 hours.  Guess I was tired and tired of fighting the pain.

It is funny all the different comments people have when you say you have had abdominal pain for 6 months on and off.   Yes, I am getting ready to enter the great menopause, Yes I still have all the female organs,  Yes, I still have my appendix, Yes, they have checked and rechecked for kidney problems and stones. and Yes, my gall bladder is there and no stones.   I am just so ready for someone to tell me what is causing the pain and do something about it.

 So that's my ramble.

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