Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nervous Times

So off to ramble/

Some stuff going on in my life have me worried, nervous, not sure of myself.   My friends daughter is getting married this weekend and she has asked me to take pictures.

 It is not as if I have not taken pictures of events but I don't think I take good pictures of people.

 Give me a flower or scenery or animal and I love to take shots of those.

When I take pictures of people take quite a few with the thought that one might be good.

I can get shots when it is unexpected,
but people  posing shots not so good.   
The day of the wedding I only will be taking pictures to supplement the photographer.  I just have to look at it as a fun time.   Getting to see people I don't know get stressed.  Watching the little ones just be themselves around relatives from out of town.   I just hope that I can do good.

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