Thursday, March 22, 2012

Life's Ups and Downs

What a week so far.  It has been emotionally up and down.

Monday was pretty good.   I got a route out of Smokey Point and saw people I have not seen in awhile.

Tuesday was going pretty good.  I got to have lunch with Carla.  Let's just say lunch was fun.

We all have people in our lives that care enough to make you look them in the eye while they lecture you.   Yes that happened at lunch.   Thank you Judy for caring so much you pulled the Mother Card out and lectured.  

Yes I know I need to take care of me but sometimes I can tolerate pain very well.   Not for 8 months.   The dull constant pain just wears on you.    To say the least I had a very bad attitude the rest of the day.  I did get a appointment scheduled.    

Wednesday totally uneventful.  Day went well. Night slept well.

Then Thursday happened.  I had my Dr appointment for 4:20 today and had to get more lab work done before that so I only worked a half a day.   Got to Group Health and picked up prescriptions and got the ticket for the lab.  Waited for 10 minutes.  During that time I got a call from Group Health  my Dr went home sick and my appointment would have to be rescheduled.   So go the lab work done.  To vials of blood taken.  Then down the hall to the Dr window.  The next appointment he had was for a week from Friday (30th).  I took it.   Really, you call to reschedule and when you do it is a week away.    I am not looking forward to the unanswered pain.  

Emotionally, I finally allowed my self to break down and cry, scream, slam doors, and love my cats.  

I relive some of the stress I needed to go to Snohomish and get cat food.   Bridges Pets is like a small zoo.  I picked up the food and then just wandered.  As I wandered my phone beeped.  My sister texted to see what was up. I told her and she gave me permission to scream.   As I went into the reptile room the worker there was pulling out the python, he asked if I would like to hold it.   I did.   What an experience.  The last snake I held was a garter snake.      I toured the fish section and wandered out to the birds and rodents.  They had a couple of dogs.    Bought my stuff and headed to the car.    I needed something to eat.  

Drove to Lake Stevens and visited Taco Time.   While there my friend texted me.   I have to say she is the one person I can talk to even if it is text or email.

So with my sister, My best friend, all my coworkers and cousin all supporting me I still needed to scream.   Of to Langus park.  

I will usually   walk here with my camera, but no camera today.   I used this time to walk with God and have a conversation.    It was productive and very tiring.  

There are sometimes in my life that I don't like being alone.   This is one.   A shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen.   I know that my family and friends are there but I hate to ask.  So with a teddy bear and two cats a good cry.    Things are looking up.
 God is so good for the people in my life.    Thank you all

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