Sunday, June 12, 2011

A look back in time rambling

As my niece graduates high school this past week I think back to my 18th year to the present.

I was 17 when I graduated high school because of my August birthday. Fresh out of school and looking forward to community college I signed up to be a camp counselor. This was the first year our Presbytery had camp for 1-6 grades and high school and college age were counselors.

So at 5 mile lake in Auburn we went. I was in charge of the boats, ok canoes. I got to meet all the kids during afternoon free time and help them in the canoes. Over looking the swimming area and getting plenty of sun reflecting of "root beer lake" I was very happy. Root beer lake because the water reflected the bottom back light brown, with alot of lilly pads.

It was so much fun. The kids were eager for the most part to come to camp and learn about God.
I was a counselor for 13 years and got to know the kids and see them grow up and come back as counselors. So many I still see at church and on facebook. I have seen some grow up and serve the Lord in missions, so marry and have a family. Others making choices that are not the best.

Over the years my cabin seemed to be the girls from Westminster Church even though I attended Hillcrest. God knew what he was doing. I attend Westminster now and have for 19 years.

One of the girls grew up and married my nephew.

Some of the kids came from home situations that were not the best and to see them have a ball and hear the word of God, some for the first time, come to accept the Lord as there personal savior it the best reward of the week.

There is nothing like the great outdoor to run in, play in, swim in and of course throw water balloons in. Every Friday we would have a big water balloon fight. Kids and adults were all wet and tired but feeling so energized.
On Saturday we would have a program for the parents and camp life came to an end. Back home to the everyday life and work or school.

Being a counselor gave me the courage to teach Sunday school and even go on a mission trip. God knows what He is doing.

You can understand some of the decision or paths God has had for you when you look back and reflect on your life.

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