Saturday, June 25, 2011


I am confused again.

Why does life situations have to become a puzzle that does not have all the pieces? Why does your mind always have to give more than one answer, the right and the wrong?

I know that I have opened a can of worms and have tried to bottle it up but one worm keeps slipping out. Do I catch the worm and put it back or step on it and crush it?

I know I should forgive and forget but it comes back in small doses when totally unexpected and that makes it hard to forgive.

How do you get a word in edge wise when the other always talks or writes long?

Why is it hard to ask for someone to take time to talk to you? I hate to do that, so blogging I go.

On another note: Had a great day out with my sister Nancy and Elizabeth yard saling and the went to Goodwill outlet with Heather and the boys. Fun time.

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