Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 4th past and present

In my life I have enjoyed celebrating the Fourth of July.
Growing up on Puget Sound the beach was our playground.
A dock that when the tide came in you could jump off. Wide open areas of sands for drawing on. Looking for shells and rocks. Of course using kelp as whips on our make believe horses.
We had family come over as well as friends. An Aunt and Uncle would come up from Oregon with their travel trailor and camp in our yard for a couple of weeks.
The start of the day setting up for the picnic. Yummy food and BBQ. Many friends and relatives over the years. From young to the Grandmas, the dogs begging for food from the tables.
I loved to rest in the picnic baskets.
Swimming or just standing around in the water as it came in over the warm sand. Just splashing iin the water and getting wet was fun.
We also went out in the boats or had something to float on. I still love being in water. There is something about just walking the beach ankle deep in the water and viewing all that is there.
The pyromaniacs dream starting the fire and shooting of the fireworks.
As dusk falls the fire gets started, Graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate bars with the perfect stick for roasting the marshmallow to golden brown, OK burnt. I love smooshing t
he graham crackers together and the chocolaty googy mess drips out, but I really don't like eating them.
Now is the time of night for the fireworks. My brothers could put on a pretty good show.
Present day Fourth has been somewhat the same but different in a very good way.
Everett puts on a pretty good Fourth of July festival. Saarting with the Yankee Doodle Dash

thru town to the parade and ending with fireworks both on the waterfront and at the stadium after the Aquasoxs game.
Having fun with friends, picnic foods, fireworks all make for a busy day.
God Bless America.

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