Monday, May 30, 2011

Victoria cont

So after lunch we walked around more. I loved taking pictures of the flowers.

They are also many older buildings. The Empress,


the different condos and apartment with unique roofs, and windows. Needless to say I took pictures of them too.

As we walked we looked for a bakery for sausage rolls. The English in us coming out.

Walking some more and shopping it was time to go back to the boat.

We had gotten our boarding passes when we got to Victoria so all we had to do was go through customs. I had put my backpack and shopping bag with my camera down on a chair in the lobby to try to organize things In rushing I left my camera on the chair. Thank you to who ever turned it in. So we went thru customs and sat down in a crowded room. As I was putting my passport away I noticed my camera was not there. So went to customs and was sent back to lobby and got my camera. When I went to customs the second time they just let me walk thru with some joking remarks.

On the Victoria Clipper we sat downstairs going home. Right in the bow. Great view of the rain and the dark waters.

I had a great time and want to go up to Canada just to explorer more.

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