Monday, July 12, 2010

Back in Town

Boy five days go by fast when on vacation but not while at work. Just got home from Racine Minnesota. Down in the the southeast corner of the state.

During this trip was a lot of firsts for me. The first one that I got to go the farest east than I ever had been to LaCrosse Wisconsin. I also went to the Mall of America. A very big place and only walked a litte and had lunch there


I also got to see fireflies every night. The farm is a corn and bean crop farm. Many animals. Cardinals, Killdeer, blue jays, wild turkeys, rabbits, deer, hawks, eagles, and of course masquitos. I only got 3 bites :)

Walked along the upper Mississippi. Not to wide or wild up here. Just flowing through trees.

Got to go into Iowa via a 4 wheeler. Very bumpy ride. Ann's Aunt lives in Minnesota but farm extends into Iowa. We had a blast bouncing and getting jarred down the trail to the Iowa river and then crossed a spring and was in Iowa. They have cows and I got to see and pet a day old calf. So much fun.

Then on Sunday I went to an auction. It was so much fun. I won a game and some glasses. Now I can get rid of some I don't like. As I stood there watching and listening to the auctoneer I thought how unique my mom and dad met at the Renton auction. We use to say that that dad was the highest bidder for her.
Then the flight home. We had to leave the farm around 12:30 pacific time and arrive at SeaTac at 8:05. We then hung out at Ann's aunt in Renton. Got home about 4 pm . Very long day but some much fun. So many memories.

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