Friday, July 30, 2010


I am one who really does not like going to the doctors. But I go anyway. So Sunday I had a temp of 103.5 and no other symptoms. Monday 101 and still no other symptoms. Tuesday normal temp but stomach pains started. Went to work on Wednesday and about 4 times it felt like someone was kicking me with strong kicks. So leaving work decided to call the Doctors office and they got me in. With the normal temp, blood pressure actually down, and pulse good. She poked, pushed and listened and ordered blood work as well as peeing in the cup (have to say I had to go and filled the cup). She then said come back on Friday for results. Take ibophren for pain. I tell you it did not even dull the pain.

Pain slowly got somewhat bearable, but a dull constant pain settled in. Made it thru Thursday and then night came. Pain came back for hour or so.

Friday got work done and went to appointment. Arrived and had the temp, blood pressure and pulse done and again all normal. It is nice to finally be recognized as normal.

Dr. comes in and tells me Kidney, liver, pancreas,urinary, stomach all came back noraml ranges. So up on the table so she can poke push and probe again and this time more area's in pain. So Monday get to have a chest and abdominal CT scans.
Not only have to have one but two. I am trying not to worry but it happens.

So I get to think about all this all weekend long. UGGGGh. I pray for relief from pain and stress.

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