Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Getting Ready

I am so excited!!!!! I got off early today thanks to my road supervisor who gave me a short shift. Off at noon. Got the cars oil changed, hair cut, errands run. But still have not packed.

I am trying to figure out the best way to pack my barb blanket, never mind the clothes, but my barb blanket. Do I roll it, fold it, stuff it? Soon I will be trying all of the above.

Had a get evening at the family picnic. My Aunt and cousins from Idaho came over for the week and a cousin from Whidbey Island came too. It was great to see all the 2nd and 3rd cousins play and not want to go home. It great to see Mike. He and I are the closest in age and growing up we did alot together. From running wild in Boise Idaho to touring Victoria Canada. My Aunt and I had a great chance to talk just the two of us. I guess when you knock on the bathroom door and she pulls you in you talk.

I even behaved and did not get sarcastic at my sister-in-law. She tried to get me but I did not fight back. This something I have been working on and probably always will be.

I have to get back to packing 4:30 comes early but I can not wait.

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