Sunday, August 1, 2010

Decisions of getting older.

This week I have seen my friend and mother figure have to make decisions about her mom who has fallen in the month a couple of times (with many more before). She has broken a vertebrae and they are fusing it with super glue (ok surgical super glue) on Tuesday.

Paula had to make decision of where mom was going. Back to her apartment in Crista West, Crista assisted living, or nursing home. Grandma Pfaff hates the nursing home and is taking it all out on Paula.

Decision was made to assisted living. Paula never asked for help just asked Nancy and I if we wanted anything from the apartment. Nancy and Elizabeth went over on Thursday and picked up some stuff for Elizabeth as she prepared to head to college next year.

I told Nancy the I planned on being over on the peninsula on Saturday and if she wanted help then we would.

Nancy said the she saw Paula relax when she said I would give up time to help. Is something that others would not do? I feel that if I am able then help I will do.

So Saturday we aimed for the 8:40 ferry from Edmonds but was in line for the 9:40. Got to Poulsbo just after 10:45 and to the apartment we went.

So for 4 hours 4 of us moved the bed, dresser,table and chairs and a mess of boxes.
It was not a far move just across the parking lot. I was in pain alot of the time but I needed to keep busy.

After we got the last over we went to Red Robin. We talked about the decisions that are made to parents when they real can not make their decisions anymore.

I one sense I am relieved that those decisions were made years ago.

Family is important in many ways and decision about other family members they need to be united as one and not fight.

Nancy and I have the decisions concerning Doug and Paula as they get older and I have started talking to them about it.

After we were done Fort Worden was a goal. Then ferry ride to Keystone and south to home via Clinton.

Nice day.

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