Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Very Good Saturday

A good day mixed with Sunshine and friends and family.

All started with Ellie and watching a couple have wedding pictures taken in the bar parking lot across from church. It was still a little cool. The bride and groom only had eyes for each other.

Until the limo showed up. Then the whole bridle party was looking at the limo.

As they drove off Ellie and I talked about why take picture in the parking lot of a old bar? Did they meet there? Why would you want your wedding picture be in an alley in downtown Everett when there are many parks with flowers, trees, and mountains and water for background. But alley with dirt and grime?? They did look like the enjoyed it.

It was then off to Cameno Island and church picnic. Pat Raymond opens her house every year, ok I thinks her kids open the house to us every year. Timothy drove the bus and bounced us out of Everett.

Onward to Cameno Island. It was a kinda uneventful ride north except for Timothy rising in the drivers seat for no reason. So after a stop at Burger King we headed west to the beach.

Arriving at Pat Raymond's Ellie and some others headed down to swim and the rest of us just to enjoy the day. Perfect weather to just take a walk, a ride in a boat, wade in the water or hang out and chat.

So what is a potluck picnic without food? Some good choices came, and went fast by all of us going through line and then finding spots to sit and eat. Yummy

To end the day a bunch of us went to the beach and instead of rock skipping contest it was who could throw the tennis ball the fastest. Laughter was heard. Pictures were taken. An all around excellent day with a gorgeous sunset painted by God for us.

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